Tomorrow it could be you : a perspective

As a normal working-class citizen, I was doing the same thing as most of us do, we see something wrong happening at the road and we take a look, maybe slow down a little bit after a second or two, we move ahead thinking, it doesn’t affect me or others will help, I need to get to my office, and not for one second we think that some other day we may be the victim.

In the same pattern I was watching the whole TRP scam thing unfold, but for a couple of days, I am observing what is happening to Arnab & Republic Media Network. He is being hounded, for what? Using his right to freedom of speech. We are all witnessing state machinery unleashed over a journalist and his team. People will argue he is not a journalist and he deserves it. Today it is Arnab, tomorrow it will be you, if the constitution gives us the right to freedom of speech and you come in with your skewed rationale that what Arnab does in his studio shall not be allowed then how will you defend yourself when it is your neck on the guillotine?

I personally don’t like or watch the circus he puts on at 9 PM every night, for that I don’t demand his head on a spike, I do a very simple thing, I change the channel. I don’t have to subscribe to his views or his actions to defend his right to free speech.

This whole fiasco of Arnab vs Maharashtra Police broke the illusion of inclusivity and brought the real elitism of our modern-day so-called freedom fighters and so-called saviors of constitution and idea of India. They don’t want inclusivity, they want power imprisoned in the hands of very few people, who are sitting at the top of the intellectual ladder who see themselves as the paragon of ideas, they have the undying desire to decide how the people of India should live, act, behave. Because in their mind they are the only one who has taken the sip of holy water from the holy grail and are the keeper of eternal truth. But Arnab is the black sheep in the wool farm full of white sheep. He is different and that scares them, the whole intellectual cabal can’t handle the diversity of thought because a monotheistic architecture inherently devoid of the ability to adapt. As they say, God created man in his image, in the same way, our eminent intellectuals who are still wearing colonial slavery glasses without them will go blind and will lose the ability to see clearly, look at India in his colonial master’s image.

They don’t believe in democracy, they see it as a mere tool to achieve the utopia where they are the benevolent tyrannical dictators and we are subjects to their kingdom.

Freedom of speech is the fundamental right until it is not used against the cabal or someone whom the cabal protects.

Your freedom of speech is not freedom of speech if it does not fit the mold which our intellectual masters have created. We don’t observe but we are already slipping into slavery once again, this time it will people with color the same as ours but the accent will be the same as our previous colonial masters.

Either we stand for freedom for which our forefather fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice or we can prepare ourselves to become modern-day slaves.

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